Where Does Your Money Work?

"Wealthy individuals don't work for money...their money works for them"

Put Your Money To Work:

We have all provided employment for our money. Whether your money works in a bank, under your mattress, or in the stock market your money has a job. Purpose Pad Properties strives to provide better job opportunities for other people's money through the vehicle of real estate!

Here's How It Works


We have a short conversation to get to know each other and discuss your personal goals.


After we get to know each other we first determine if we are a match for each other! Then based on your goals, we discuss some potential deals that will fit your needs.


Once comfortable with the deal, you invest and become one of our financing partners.

We Work

We do the work on the project and handle all the active portions of the project, updating you along the way!


You get paid based on your needs and goals.